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End User Documentation

Help and Information

In the top right-hand corner of all FileSender windows, click on the following links for useful information at any time:


There are two kinds of users with different levels of access:


There are broadly three user workflows in FileSender:

1. Sharing a file - upload file and generate email to recipient(s)

2. Managing shared files - basic file management capabilities.

3. Receiving a file - download file from link with built-in password in autogenerated email, or directly from interface by authenticated user.

1. Sharing a file

1.a. Authenticated file upload

1.b. File upload using a voucher

Issuing the Voucher:

Using the Voucher:

2. Managing shared files

  1. view key information about the file, including sender and recipient email address(es), filename, file size, email subject and message, date uploaded and expiry date
  2. regenerate the original email to all original recipient(s)
  3. add new recipients to an already uploaded file, with the same or modified email subject and / or message and separate expiry date, which will then appear as a separate entry in the table
  4. download the file directly from the table by clicking on the filename
  5. manually delete the file prior to expiry, which will automatically generate an email to the authenticated user and file recipient(s) that the file has been deleted.

3. Receiving a file

4. Security considerations

Warning - Encryption

FileSender itself does not offer protection agains eavesdropping on the contents of uploaded/downloaded files.

Sensitive files can currently be protected in two ways: